Origin Stories

Before they came together to wow non-fungible-fans, The PUNKS were leading their own individual lives until they were called to the only place to be in web3: Origin City! Follow along with Origin Stories as we explore the backgrounds of Courtney, GFunk, and the stars of PUNKS (and their peers), peeling back the layers of who they are, uncovering the alpha that got them to the top, and learning what brought them all together. Who knows, maybe we’ll even learn that Wiggles has a secret or two in his past?

Origin Stories 1

Mad clown, sad Town

Before she was a tough-as-nails lead member of the PUNKS crew, Courtney had humble beginnings. Okay, she was always tough as nails, but to follow her dreams she had to carve her own path. Coming from a small town, Courtney had to go it alone, overcome major fears and doubts, and finally take a major leap of faith to make it in… ORIGIN CITY.

Origin Stories 2

Eye for an i

Discover the story of The Skull, from soldier to down-and-out drunk to muscle-for-hire to vicious-yet-loyal henchman. Because when The Skull’s path weaves with that of a familiar PUNKS villain it will be a match made in heaven… or hell, for those that cross them.

Origin Stories 3

the trouble with punks

Following the events of PUNKS 3, a frustrated Agent Ivanova returns to the office. Meanwhile, the PUNKS crew hatches a plan to use Hilary, who shares a past with the FBI agent, to help get her off their back. But will the plan work or further enrage the fiery, hotshot agent?

Origin Stories 4

The Ultimate Degen

Cheetah's encounter with the Ultimate Degen not only tests his fortitude and fitness, but also proves once and for all that in Origin City ANYTHING can happen.